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Cape Hearing Aids was started in 1984, when we decided to start in private practice. Our first offices were in Claremont, where we traded under the name Hearing Aid Clinic. Over the years the company has grown and now has 6 branches, all under the shadow of Table Mountain. Cape Hearing Aids has not aligned itself with any single brand of hearing aid as this allows the company to provide the best hearing device to suit its client’s particular hearing profile and lifestyle. Our audiologists are knowledgeable and caring individuals who will try to find the best solution to their client’s requirements, and our staff are always happy to go the extra mile.The intention of this website is to introduce or inform the reader of some of the products and services that are available.


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Hearing Aid Technology

Since the top hearing aid manufacturers have new product releases at least one a year, the Audiologists must stay up-to-date with the new products so they can offer the best solution to their clients.

This competition between the manufacturers to lead in their technology is what provides top-of-the-line devices which can improve hearing and quality of life for people with hearing loss.

To the audiologist the changes in technology often solve problems that they may have with their clients.

To keep up with the changes in technology, the audiologist must make sure they are trained and knowledgeable about each new product release. It can take a lot of effort, especially if you use products from multiple manufacturer’s.

As a hearing aid user, you may or may not be told when a new product comes out. Your audiologist may notify you the next time she sees you, or you could get a newsletter about the new updates.

Typically, if you have recently purchased a hearing aid, you are not likely to purchase a new one just because of some new feature, however if that new feature would improve the users experience, then it should be a consideration. It is important not just to look at the brand of hearing aid, but also at the way their features would influence the users experience.

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