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The joy of good hearing

The importance of hearing in everyday life is profound. Not only is it vital in maintaining brain health, but the ability to hear affects our relationships, career, personal safety, ability to learn and all-round happiness.

Hearing the beautiful sounds of nature, dogs barking, family and friends laughing, melodic music and words of love simply elevates life into the realm of pure pleasure. It literally grounds us to the world.

Problem is, often people may not want to admit they have trouble hearing. But these days, modern hearing aids are so discreet – nobody would be any the wiser. What’s more, you can continue to tap every ounce of delight out of life with good hearing.

Because hearing is pivotal in our lives, it’s recommended to add hearing screening to your annual medical check-up. Call us today for your free hearing screening. Our caring audiologists are ready to guide you every step of the way.

Who we are

After launching the Hearing Aid Clinic way back in the early 80s, the first branch was launched in Claremont in 1984 to provide a much-needed audiology service for ENT specialists in the area. We gradually expanded our Mother City footprint over the years.

Following an HPSCA requirement, we changed our name to Cape Hearing Aids in 2000. Today we have many easily accessible clinical locations throughout the Western Cape.

Our clinical team, who are all HPCSA-registered, have been hand-selected for their expertise and dedicated patient care. To provide patients with the latest and best in hearing health care, we stay abreast of the latest advances in hearing aid technology with regular training, in addition to attending workshops and seminars.

With a professional and diligent service ethic, our driving force is patient satisfaction. And because we simply don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, we offer a large variety of hearing aid brands. This allows us to provide the best hearing device to suit a client’s particular hearing profile, individual preferences, communication requirements and lifestyle.

At the end of the day, to ensure the best possible outcome, we listen to our patients – because we care.

  • 38 years in business
  • Top-class clinical locations
  • World-class hearing aid brands

Our hearing aid brands & hearing protection devices


Our clients love us

Awesome service! Mercedes is super-friendly, professional and very passionate about her job.

Pia Walters

Probably the most thorough and professional ear examination I have ever received. Antoinette has allowed me to become part of the world again.

Jayne Serghe

Wonderful being part of a conversation again. What caring and professional people Lisa and the receptionist are.

Francesca Shelly

Efficient, compassionate and caring.

Barbara Coral Geer

Vera is bright and effervescent, with the audiological wizardry that comes from years of experience and an intellectual curiosity that keeps her up to date with the latest knowledge and innovations in her field.

Jonathan Goldin

First visit was friendly and comfortable. The audiologist was super-patient and informative. Thank you!

Gio Fisher