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Wax removal

Wax is a natural, but important secretion produced by the ear canal. While wax protects the ear canal from any foreign objects or dust, it also protects the sensitive skin in the ear canal from irritation. However, too much wax may become a problem, as it blocks the ear canal and reduces the ability of the sound to pass through to the inner ear effectively.

Ear wax that doesn’t cause symptoms and that doesn’t block the ear canal, doesn’t require further management.

Signs of ear infection as a result of wax build-up are ear pain; sense of fullness in the ear; Tinnitus; reduced hearing sensitivity in the affected ear; dizziness/vertigo; and own voice echoes.

The audiologist will perform an otoscopic examination to observe the ear canal. Should the ear canal be blocked with wax, he/she will proceed to remove the wax with either a curette or an irrigation method. Alternatively, he/she will recommend a suitable treatment plan.